Our services are developed and refined with years of experience from a wide range of client projects. Our services are catered to your specific needs and requirements so that when our job is complete, you’ve received the best possible terms for the best possible space, and saved your time and money in the process!

Here are some of the services that Zeve Associates can provide:

• Uncover and Establish Client's Needs
• Create Strategic Project Schedule
• Prepare Market Analyses
• Develop Lease Proposals or Purchase Offers
• Solicit Proposals including Cost of Occupancy Details
• Analyze All Costs Impacting Occupancy
• Summarize Building Intangibles
• Provide Financial Comparisons
• Negotiate Lease or Purchase Terms
• Enhance Negotiating Leverage on Lease Renewals
• Audit Operating Expenses
• Lease Administration
• Identify and Engage Supporting Vendors
• Move Management Support

The Next Step

Whether . . .
• you need space now,
• you’re considering a move or renewal in the future,
• you want negotiating leverage on your renewal,
• you don’t think your landlord has been passing through expenses accurately or you simply want to learn more about Zeve Associates, we’ll be happy to meet with you – with no obligation, of course.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Need Commercial Space?
Zeve Associates will help you secure the best commercial space for the best terms.
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